The municipality of Victoria’s 2022 budget grew to $274.2 million from 2021’s $260 million budget. If you peruse this 800 page document, you will see the projected increases in spending and therefore property taxes over the next 4 years (2022-2026). You will also notice that most of your fellow tax payers in Victoria have never once critically analyzed this document. Yet it is one of the main drivers of the cost of living (and renting) and doing business in our city.

Now, if you peruse the background of the existing council and mayor (most of which are not seeking re-election) as well as most of the in-coming candidates for mayor and council, you will notice they do not come from a business owner background. Or real world experience. They are either already full time government employees or seeking to become so.

As a business owner who has started two companies (in the U.S. and here in Victoria) I have a critical eye for inefficient spending. If I were to be in council and be surrounded with like minded councillors, I would have a rigid intolerance to unnecessary spending. In a time in which most Victorians are feeling the pinch of spending the majority of their income on basic necessities, I do not feel it necessary for our city to engage in expensive artistic endeavours or unwanted infrastructure projects.

Please, consider having a business owners mindset represent your city’s budget. And remember, I cannot do it alone. Peruse the candidates and make sure you vote in a block of councillors whose views reflect mine if you want real change in our city.

Thank you,

Emmanuel V. Parenteau

candidate for Victoria City Council 2022

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