I am running for Victoria City Council 2022



    Please consider me and my http://www.vivavictoria.ca teammates this election, Emmanuel Parenteau


    According the latest Greater Victoria Point-in-Time homeless count, the capital region had 1,523 individuals considered full time homeless in July of 2020.[1] Two years later, this number has almost undoubtedly grown. This represents a 10% increase from the 1,387 capital region homeless reported in the 2016 Point-In-Time survey.[2] With an estimated population of 397,237, the…


    Victoria is one of the country’s most unaffordable cities. The current council had a very consistent habit of turning down developers’ plans for more housing in this municipality. This drove many developers to other townships. A lack of supply for our ever-growing population has caused an unnecessary increase in cost of housing. Make no mistake,…

My Team – I can do nothing without a majority on council in 2022 to 2024

I am running with my vivavictoria.ca teammates.